Concrete Circular Saw Blade

Concrete saw tools include various types of concrete circular saw blades with various sizes, diamond wire rope saws, etc. Our concrete circular saw blades are built with laser welding technology to prevent diamond segment fall off damage during cutting. Concrete circular saw blade are suitable for hard material cutting, such as concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, etc.

We provide blades with different sizes and segment types according to customer’s need. Our concrete circular saw blades feature good safety, efficient and durability.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Idimas Holding Co., Ltd. provides highly qualified diamond tools for cutting, grinding and drilling. For the past years, we’ve been applying advanced technologies and devices, and premium materials for diamond tool manufacturing. Our diamond tools include saw blades, grinding tools, core bits, etc. Our diamond cutting tools are able for wet and dry cuttings on various materials, including concrete, ceramic, marble, asphalt, steel, wood, etc.