Ceramic Tile Circular Saw Blades

Ceramic tile circular saw blades are sharp, quite, available in both dry and wet conditions, with no scraps during works, suitable for cutting ceramic with various hardness. Here are types we provide.

    1. Ultra Thin Porcelain Saw Blade
    2. Ultra Thin Porcelain Saw BladeUltra thin porcelain saw blade applies advanced hot pressing sintering technology and special structure for better speed, performance and durability. Ultra-thin blade design prevents ceramic from breaking during cutting. The blade is suitable for cutting various ceramic materials.
    1. Ceramic Tile Wet Saw Blades
    2. Ceramic Tile Wet Saw BladesCeramic tile wet saw blades are built with matrix reinforcement material and high qualified diamond, processed with strict dynamic balancing procedure, which grants better cutting stability. The blades are suitable for cutting ceramic and marble, applied with table stone cutting machine, oblique cutting machine, multifunction cutting machine, etc.
Company Profile

Shenzhen Idimas Holding Co., Ltd. provides highly qualified diamond tools for cutting, grinding and drilling. For the past years, we’ve been applying advanced technologies and devices, and premium materials for diamond tool manufacturing. Our diamond tools include saw blades, grinding tools, core bits, etc. Our diamond cutting tools are able for wet and dry cuttings on various materials, including concrete, ceramic, marble, asphalt, steel, wood, etc.