Diamond Core Bits

Idimas provides qualified diamond core bits of which the tips are strengthened with diamond. Diamond core bits are suitable for drilling on concrete, stone, asphalt, etc. We provide wet and dry core bits for different conditions. We assure quality of our diamond core bits, because quality of tools takes great importance in engineering, in terms of safety, efficient and more.


Rock and stone
Granite and marble
Masonry products
Hard metals
High speed cutting
Wet speed cutting
Dry speed cutting

Our products
    1. Wet Series Core Bits
    2. Wet Series Core Bits Wet series core bits are professional wet diamond drill bits for high speed drilling with long life, applied with handheld drill, electric table drill, hydraulic drill, etc., suitable for drillings on reinforced concrete, unreinforced concrete, concrete tube, concrete road, etc. Wet diamond core drill applies wet drilling to decrease core bit abrasive damage, and promote durability, it also features high feed speed and less dust, which decreases environmental pollution.
    1. Dry Series Core Bits
    2. Dry Series Core Bits We provide dry series core bits with different specifications and sizes. Dry series core bit can be applied in drill works in water-lacking conditions.
      RCCB2001: Suitable for reinforced concrete, applied with handheld drill, table drill
      SCB1001: Applied with stone angle grinder
  • Durable core bits: the compound diamond core bits we apply are 10 times harder than alloy ones, 4-5 times harder than common diamond ones;
  • Efficiency: diamonds are exposed for better drilling efficient;
  • Able for running in low pressure and low rotational speed: break stones by scratching and cutting using our core bit takes only 1/3 of bit pressure than using common ones;
  • Good gauge protection performance: PCD mounted for core bit gauge protection, which grants better wearing resistance performance, efficient, and durability;
  • Vast applications: the core bits are suitable for drilling works on soft, middle and hard materials with hardness under 9, including carbonate rock, limestone, chalk, clay rock, siltstone, sandstone, etc. Performs best drilling materials with hardness during 6-9;
  • Cost-effective for its efficient and durability.
Company Profile

Shenzhen Idimas Holding Co., Ltd. provides highly qualified diamond tools for cutting, grinding and drilling. For the past years, we’ve been applying advanced technologies and devices, and premium materials for diamond tool manufacturing. Our diamond tools include saw blades, grinding tools, core bits, etc. Our diamond cutting tools are able for wet and dry cuttings on various materials, including concrete, ceramic, marble, asphalt, steel, wood, etc.