Shenzhen Idimas Holding Co., Ltd.
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Grinding Tools, Saw Blades, Core Bits, Floor Grinding Machines,Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Idimas offers service and products for customers from all over the world, products we provide include diamond saw blades, diamond grinding tools, diamond core bits, floor grinding machine, and industrial vacuum cleaner.

Introductions to our products are listed in our website here, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Products
  • Idimas provides a complete diamond tool solution, including diamond saw blades, drill core bits and grinding tools that are suitable for various applications. Better tools lead to a better work, our professional team can provide you recommendations on diamond tools and devices according to your needs.

    1. Diamond Grinding Tools
    2. Quality of diamond tools takes great importance in architectural engineering in terms of safety and efficient. We provide high qualified diamond grinding and polishing tools including grinding wing, cup wheels, grinding heads, etc.
    1. Masonry Diamond Saw Blades
    2. Vast majority of our diamond blade, diamond wire saw and other diamond tools meet European EN13236 safety requirement. We built our blades applying premium saw cores and GE grinding diamonds for better performance.
    1. Diamond Core Bits
    2. Idimas provides qualified diamond core bits of which the tips are strengthened with diamond. Diamond core bits are suitable for drilling on concrete, stone, asphalt, etc. We provide wet and dry core bits for different conditions.
    1. Floor Grinding Machines
    2. We provide floor grinding machine for grinding and polishing floors, works on concrete floors such as epoxy floor, wear- resistant floor, curing floor, etc., also suitable for maintenance and refurbishing marble, granite, etc.
    1. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    2. The industrial vacuum cleaner applies special industrial vacuum pump, which provides powerful suction performance; large wheels which grant convenience to move; the cleaner is able for long-time continuous running.
  • Shenzhen Idimas Holding Co., Ltd. provides highly qualified diamond tools for cutting, grinding and drilling. For the past years, we’ve been applying advanced technologies and devices, and premium materials for diamond tool manufacturing. Our diamond tools include saw blades, grinding tools, core bits, etc. Our diamond cutting tools are able for wet and dry cuttings on various materials, including concrete, ceramic, marble, asphalt, steel, wood, etc. Beside regular diamond saw blades and core bits, we also provide replacement diamond grinding tools for grinders from various brands, including Husqvarna, HTC, Scanmaskin, Terrco, STI, etc.

  • Our leader is experienced for over 10 years, has served customers from all over the world, discovered that concrete from different countries and regions feature different physical properties, unfitted blades would lead to a bad performance. We’ve developed 7 different matrices for our diamond tools according to concretes in different markets, our products include diamond tools for grinding steel reinforced concrete and soft fresh concrete.
    1) Providing shape designing service, or producing according to customers' drawings
    2) Painting service in various colors